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Support the Legislative Activities Fund

The Washington State Athletic Trainers’ Association has developed a legislative activities fund that is designated for activities and events intended to connect legislators to the profession of athletic training. We may also make contributions to state legislators that support the profession of athletic training by assisting in WSATA’s legislative efforts.  WSATA has been fortunate to gain the support of several legislators in recent legislative efforts that have benefited our profession and those we serve.  Without the efforts of specific legislators, who stand out in front of their peers in Olympia, our legislative concerns would not be heard and our efforts to make a difference on behalf of the good of our profession would not be successful.

We have been able to advance the profession of athletic training and more legislators have become familiar with the value of the services licensed athletic trainers provide their constituents in Washington state.  If WSATA is going to continue to have an effective presence in Olympia we need to show support for these specific legislators that have sponsored our bills, listened to our legislative concerns and speak on our behalf in front of other legislators and their constituents.  To do this we need to develop a legislative activities fund similar to that of other states and the NATA on a national level.  This is common practice in the political arena and is imperative for us to continue to represent our profession in Olympia.

Contributions to the WSATA Political Action Fund are not tax deductible.  You can contribute through the PayPal link designated for the WSATA legislative activities fund or contact WSATA Treasurer Chandra Lovejoy at if you would like to contribute by check or money order

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