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As of July 1, 2008 athletic trainers are required to obtain a license from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to legally practice in Washington state.  Licensed athletic trainers are regulated by the scope of practice set forth in Washington statute RCW 18.250 .  Licensure must be maintained annually through the DOH on the applicant’s birth date and continuing education requirements must be maintained per rule WAC 246-916-060 which are consistent with current BOC requirements.

Athletic trainers are assigned a Program Manager by the DOH who acts as a contact for athletic trainers and is also responsible for coordinating regular meetings with the Athletic Training Advisory Committee which is made up of four practicing athletic trainers and a public member.  The Athletic Training Advisory Committee meets at least two times a year to discuss any issues related to the practice act including practice act regulation, DOH policies and procedures, legislative updates and anything related to the practice of athletic training.

As a part of the initial licensure application, health care professionals - including athletic trainers - are required to obtain 6 hours of suicide prevention education and verification.  The Washington Department of Health lists numerous courses that satisfy this requirement. and can be found HERE.  


When selecting a course, consider selecting one that is from a provider who is accredited to provide CME.  If the provider is not an approved provider through the BOC, but is accredited to provide CME, counting this continuing education course as Category D during the reporting process is allowed.


Upon completion of the course, please be sure you receive information that provides all the necessary information (participant name, provider name, course name, contact hours, date of completion, etc.) in the event of an audit by the BOC if you choose to submit for Category D.  When reporting the course for Category D you will enter the provider name, not a provider number.


The email you receive verifying your completion of the suicide prevention course is the main record you need to keep to meet BOC Standards.  Additionally, it advised you save any flyer or information that has more specific information and the program objectives for reference.  As with any other continuing education you report, please make sure you save or print out confirmation of course completion in the event of an audit by the BOC. 


Category D programs are reserved for a professional program that is sponsored by groups other than BOC Approved Providers. You can include activities that are offered by non-BOC Approved Providers. You can also view videos, DVDs, audiotapes, multimedia or webinars where the content falls within the domains identified in the Practice Analysis, 7th Edition.  28 CEUs is the maximum number Category D you can use if you have 50 CEUs due.  

You can find answers to FAQs related to the athletic training practice act here.

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